If you are presenting a lecture or seminar and you make demands on your customers’ or employees’ time, the likelihood of getting them to listen to your message reduces. A one hour workshop, for example, doesn't just take up one hour of someone's time. On average, every person who attends your event spends one hour getting ready for, and travelling to and from your venue. If we apply that to an audience of 100 people, that’s the equivalent of approximately 14 working days wasted on travel!

With one of our live online webcasts, your audience watches from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces. You get high audience interaction and retention levels of 90% as well as reduced preparation time for the speaker and a reduced environmental impact. Not only that, but our webcasting team will come to you and set up our studio virtually anywhere!
So if you want to start looking at alternative, more efficient ways of communicating to your target audience, take a couple of minutes to watch the live webcasting demo on this page or get in touch.