Cairngorm Solar

Cairngorm Solar Panels faced a communication challenge. Many potential customers were open to the idea of installing solar panels but really didn't have any idea of what was involved or how it worked.

After discussing their requirements, we put together a storyboard and script which helped guide potential customers through the process. We focussed on how the panels work, what is involved in the installation process and some first hand testimonials from people who have been using solar panels to generate their power for many years. One of our subjects was actually still getting their domestic power from panels which their father had installed in the 1970s!

Cairngorm's marketing department were also keen to not only distribute the film online but to also have a run of DVDs produced to be packaged with their existing promotional materials. We organised this for them and it has been so successful that we are onto the second DVD run and have been commissioned by Cairngorm to produce two more information films.

For us, this is a great example of how video can be used to explain how a product or service works in a way which is easily accessible for customers.