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This page is exactly like the page you will see when you log into one of our webcasts. On the top right is the chat box where you can submit questions and on the left is the video window where the webcast will play live.

Our webcasts are designed to be as easy to access as possible however like all things which involve technology there can be problems. We have produced this short guide to help make sure that if you are experiencing difficulties you can get them sorted out. Click the blue play button in the centre of the video above and the video should start within a few seconds. You should be able to see a short video playing that will help to take you through the common issues our users come across when accessing a webcast. If this is not playing for you above, then have a look below and hopefully one of these tips will help make sure you’re able to enjoy our webcasts:

Video not playing If the video is not playing at all when you click the blue button then this might be because it has been blocked by your IT team (we'll deal with that later) or it might be that your flash player is not up to date. To update this follow this link http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Video playing but picture or sound breaking up If the video is playing but is very jerky or the picture and sound keep breaking up then this is most likely down to the speed or the amount of "stuff" going on with your broadband connection. You can do a quick test of your connection speed here http://www.speedtest.net/

We have refined our stream to work on relatively slow speeds so if your download speed is more than 1.00Mbps you should be ok. You do have to bear in mind that this speed will fluctuate over even short periods of time. Often there is nothing you can do about this but it is always worth checking to see if there are any internet tasks going on, either on your machine or others using the same connection. If there is i.e. someone downloading a large file, or watching a video then stopping these tasks while the webcast is on could help.

Not able to hear webcast Now this one might sound a wee bit patronising but we have had instances where people have been unable to hear the webcast. It turned out that this was because they did not have anything plugged in or switched on to get sound. So if you are not getting sound please make sure you either have headphones or speakers plugged into your computer and the volume turned up to a comfortable level.

Watching Video from Office Network If you are trying to watch the webcast from an office network it maybe that the people who look after your system have blocked certain sites or have a blanket block on videos. This can only be altered by your IT team. If you contact us in advance we will supply them with whatever information they need to make it accessible. Of course if they refuse that might just be the reason you were looking for to work from home that day. As we said at the start of this guide, for most people watching one of our webcasts is as simple as logging into YouTube or turning on the TV. We hope that you don't need any of the tips above but if you try them and you are still having difficulty please do get in touch with us and we will do our very best to help sort the issue.