Stuart Black – Highland Council

Tuesday 19th June saw the second in our Big Picture Live webcast series from the Loch Ness Country House Hotel, on the outskirts of Inverness.

With us for this episode was Stuart Black, Director of Planning & Development at Highland Council. During the webcast we discussed Stuart’s vision for the future of the area and without a doubt Stuart is one of the most enthusiastic advocates of his city that I have ever come across.

Council’s often get a bad press and I’m the first to moan when the roads don’t get cleared or the bin man leaves our bin in front of the driveway, but I am a great believer in the notion that if people are really committed then everything else can be sorted. It’s safe to say that in terms of Stuart there is absolutely no question about his commitment.

It was an enjoyable webcast to do, as they usually are, and an interesting insight into some of the thinking behind where Inverness could be in years to come. What makes the city unique, why there is cause for optimism in these uncertain times and even what does the Director of Planning & Development get up to when he has a spare day to spend in and around Inverness. All of these questions are covered in the “watch again” above.

If you want to experience the real deal live then the next episode of The Big Picture Live will be after the summer holidays on Tuesday 28th August at 12 noon. It will feature Alasdair Kennedy of the Global Energy Group talking about the exciting developments at Nigg and some of the other things going on within one of the fastest growing companies in Scotland.

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Posted by Ian Forsyth at 11:55:20 am on June 28 2012