Looking forward to the next 20 Years image

Last time round we looked back with a bit of nostalgia at the good old days of acetates and almost no internet. Fast forward to 2014, twenty years since we first started and technology is almost unrecognisable. Smartphones, tablets, wifi, 3G/4G, superfast were all words that either didn't exist, or had entirely different meanings back in 1994.

So how have we adapted? Is it really that different? Well in a funny kind of way nothing has really changed. We now create video content and online learning tools where once we delivered traditional training. We also all carry smartphones and tablets and have become a little bit obsessed by pointing cameras at things and editing the results together to tell a story. And of course Allan and Thomas have moved on from those sparkling primary school careers, although from time to time Thomas still insists on wearing short trousers.

But how has that original ethos of wanting to enjoy what we do and have our clients enjoy working with us stood up? Well we are delighted to report that absolutely nothing has changed there. Even in this increasingly electronic world the same principles apply. If people get bored by what we do we are not going to be successful, so every time we take on a project we look at it from the perspective of how creative can we be within whatever budget the client has available.

It's a funny thing that while the world moves on, many things stay exactly the same, because when you look at it objectively, behind everything that ever happens there is a real person. Hopefully no amount of technological advancement will change that.

Posted by Thomas at 10:23:47 am on September 25 2014