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In 1994 the very first conference into the commercial viability of the world wide web was held in San Francisco . Closer to home our very own Allan Crook and Thomas Hogben were busy navigating their way through their sparkling primary school careers. But it was also the year which saw Development Partners make its first appearance, joining a thriving Inverness business community.

Those early years saw the company establish itself as a leading provider of business start up and management training across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Delivering courses across a huge geographical area, from Campbeltown to Unst and from Stornoway to Elgin. In those days the projectors which we now all hook up to our laptops and tablets, were the preserve of only the very largest multi nationals with huge budgets to spend on exotic kit. Our approach, like so many others, relied on good old acetates or overheads as they were often called.

But in spite of the low tech approach, the principle which was always at the forefront of everything we did, has been carried forward to the DP Digital Media ethos of 2014. We wanted to enjoy what we did, we wanted our clients to enjoy working with us and we wanted to be successful. Now you could be forgiven for thinking here we go again when you read that, yet another bit of propaganda from a company extolling the virtues of what they do. But for us it has always been important that we get job satisfaction.

Delivering a training course to a group of bored faces, with some of them gently nodding off to sleep, is simply not very satisfying. Driving for 5 hours and then watching your audience nod off is even less fulfilling. So for us it has always seemed logical. You spend a lot of your time at work, so why not enjoy it.

Next time round we'll tell you how that approach has stood up in a world where it often seems like people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and if you can't deliver a message in under 30 seconds you are doomed.

Posted by Thomas at 9:59:12 am on September 03 2014