The Team

These guys are the ones who you will be dealing with when you work with DP digital. So its only fair that you have an idea of what you might be letting yourself in for. Here’s a quick run down...

Ian Twitter Pic

Ian Forsyth

With a degree in politics and economics from back in the days of fountain pens and paraffin lamps Ian likes to think that its his years of business experience and cultured Glaswegian background that make him such a valuable asset. Whatever it is, he spends most of his time looking after our clients and on screen presenting our live webcasts. In his spare time he likes wasting his time chasing a wee white ball around a field. He says it would be lying to actually call it golf.

Allan Crook

Head of our Production team, Allan, has an honours degree in Media Arts from Dundee University. He joined DP in 2012 and in that time has made over 200 videos for our clients. He is oversees every aspect of the production process, from initial planning, through Pre Production, past the day the cameras start rolling, until after we have finished the edit and the client is happy. He is happiest when hanging off rooftops looking for that perfect shot or nestled behind a bank of monitors, deep into an edit, with a bit of Bowie on shuffle. Just don’t ask him to smile for a photograph.

BA(Hons) Time Based Art - University of Dundee

Will Leitch

Our Production Co-ordinator, Will, has an honours degree from his time at Glasgow's Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has worked on corporate, fiction and documentary projects. When not filming or editing, he can be found making cups of tea, listening to vinyl or running (though not at the same time).

BA (Hons) Digital Film and Television - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Irene McCulloch

Irene has been with DP since 1994. Her ability to make sure everything gets done and gets done properly has been the cornerstone of the company for twenty years. She's at her happiest miles away from the cameras sorting out all the stuff that everyone else tries to avoid. Whether its arranging locations and venues, balancing the books or dealing with enquiries it all just seems to happen seamlessly. She's also pretty good at keeping Thomas and Allan in line, but gave up on Ian as a hopeless case a long time ago. When she's not at work, her garden and annual trip to the Chelsea Flower show keep her occupied.

Ian Fraser

For a while now Ian has been working with DP on a number of assignments principally looking after clients. His experience in managing large projects in a previous life have enabled him to take care of some of our ongoing work at Inverness Campus and the Flood Alleviation contract on the River Ness. All of this is only possible when he doesn't have a golf club or a curling broom in his hand. Ian also has a great talent for winding Allan up by never finishing cups of coffee.

Thomas Hogben

Thomas was brought in at the very beginning, to develop and establish DP Digital Media. His background is in photography and film, having studied this at Napier University Edinburgh, through the Scottish Screen academy. He has also completed a Masters in Animation and Visualisation, which has furthered the possibilities of what can be achieved at DP Digital Media. Aside from this he has a passion for vintage photography equipment, the works of Werner Herzog and Carly Rae Jepsen.

BA(Hons) Photography and Film - Edinburgh Napier University
MSc(with Distinction) Animation and Visualisation - University of Dundee

Mike Webster

With work ranging from filming live events, corporate, documentary and drama, Mike is an experienced camera operator, skilled with digital formats, and in lighting and sound. He has worked across the UK, Europe, and Morocco. He has worked on broadcast material for STV, BBC, and BSKYB. He's not very popular with the rest of the team however as he always calls Ian, "sir" or Mr Forsyth.

HND Television Operations and Production - James Watt College